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Fly over Kogatende

Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris over Togoro is probably the most exhilarating you’ll have in Africa as you get to see magnificent landscapes of Serengeti while hovering above large herds of migrating wildebeest, migrating crossings, zebra, residing gazelle and antelopes. We float you towards the skies to enjoy the magic of Serengeti National Park, the predator capital of the world and home of the famous wildebeest migration.

As balloon safaris, we offer remarkable flights over Kogatende daily. The package is inclusive  of champagne, bush breakfast, and a flight certificate from the pilot as a souvenir. Transfer available from surrounding camps and lodges.

AA Balloon Safaris

Kogatende Flight

Adventures Aloft was the original balloon company to begin flights in the Kogatende area in northern Serengeti. Kogatende is often referred to as the Switzerland of Serengeti, as its landscape is surrounded with undulating hills and Kopjes which slope towards the majestic Mara River.

It is here where world famous migration can be witnessed at its best between July and November, when millions of Wildebeest and Zebra cross the Mara River and make their journey northwards into the Masai Mara in search of open grasslands.

Our flight path begins South of the Mara River close to Sayari camp and with wind directions typically westwards, we follow the Mara River, an area famous for game viewing and of course enjoying the true beauty of this most spectacular part of the Serengeti.

The huge herds of game plane in the area attract the predators the Serengeti is famous for, and Kogatende balloon passengers are able experience the best of the Serengeti here.On landing, our breakfast is often set up close to the Mara River, where a chilled champagne awaits you to celebrate one of your days on your Tanzanian Safari!

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Camps & Lodges

Northern Serengeti

♠ Mara Sayari camp

♠ Olkari Camp

♠ Lamai Serengeti


Southern Serengeti

♠ Ndutu Safari Lodge 

♠ Lake Masek Tented Camp

♠ Sanctuary Kusini Camp

♠ Olakira Camp

Eastern Serengeti

♠ Klein’s Camp

♠ Lobo Lodge

♠ Migration CAmp

♠ Ronjo Camp

♠ Serengeti Safari Camp

Western Serengeti

♠ Sopa Lodge

♠ Dunia Camp

♠ Serengeti Serena Camp Lodge

♠ Mbalageti Serengeti

♠ Mapito Tented Camp